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The conference begins with registration and a public facing event on the Thursday evening followed by Working Group and Plenary sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I want to first thank the organizers for setting up such an interesting working conference.  I really enjoyed the stimulating experience of intense discussions with the working group on a particular topic.  The opportunity to connect and network with other universities in the pacific rim was highly valuable.  We can see the similarities and differences in our approaches and the conference allow us to have an open mind.  Discussions on teaching methods sparked interesting conversations.
— APRU SCL 2018 Conference participant

The working group session was really engaging and stimulating. The informal conversations over coffee breaks and dinner, and during the excursions, were really valuable - to establish relationships and enable meaningful exchanges.
— APRU SCL 2018 Conference Participant


  • 50% of the AsiaPacific population live in towns and cities.

  • By 2050, urban areas will account for nearly two out of three people.

  • By 2030, the region will have 22 megacities.

  • By 2025, urban areas will generate 5.2 million cubic meters of waste, up from 700,000 tons today.

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